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Founded in 1932, SPURS is the oldest social club at Trinity University. We are actively involved in many other campus organizations and athletic teams and take pride in our diversity.


Our organization is proud to uphold the standards and traditions we have inherited from the many great women before us. We wear our colors around campus with honor because of the values they represent.

The Four Pillars of Trinity University Greek Life


A focus on academics and promoting each other's academic success is vital to the success of the Greek community. We strive to improve our club GPA and overall academic success each semester.



Developing leadership skills is one of the benefits of being in a Greek organization on campus. One of our goals is to encourage our members to become leaders on campus.



Each Greek organization puts an emphasis on giving back to the greater community of San Antonio. Our philanthropies are Haven for Hope and San Antonio Sports, for whom we hold fundraisers and also volunteer with throughout the year.



Creating lasting friendships is a great benefit of joining a Greek organization. We strive to maintain strong relationships within our club and our own alumni, with other clubs and the campus as a whole.

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